Section 106

alt="Overlook above Warm Springs Dam"
alt="Pomoan place names in the Lake Sonoma Area"
alt="Harry's Wood-cutting Machine, circa 1900"
alt="19th century impression of Native Californians"
alt="CA-Son_598, a site that provided a rare look at village composition"
alt="Hamilton District School, 1889"
alt="A Makahmo Family, circa 1898"
alt="Jose Ramon Carillo of the Santa Rosa de Cabeza Rancho with an Indian worker, drawn in 1850"
alt="An overloaded wagon brought across the plains"
January 1974 to December 1985

The Warm Springs Cultural Resources Study was one of the first large projects conducted under federal historic preservation laws and regulations enacted in the 1960s. From 1974 to 1984, before the filling of Lake Sonoma behind Warm Springs Dam, the area was intensively studied by a team of archaeologists, cultural anthropologists, architectural historians, ethnobotanists, historians, and Native American traditional scholars. Before Warm Springs Dam was the last of many reports produced by that team, synthesizing the material for a general audience.

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