Archaeological Survey and Site Recording Methods InternshipSurvey and Site Recording Interns at Cache Creek

This internship is typically offered every fall semester through the SSU Anthropology Department.

Students learn how to survey in varied terrain and conditions, locate and map sites, record both prehistoric and historic-era resources using GPS, and how to complete DPR site-record forms for a variety of site types. Interns produce final versions of site records for submittal to the Northwest Information Center using Word, Adobe Illustrator, and ESRI ArcMap software. 

Spring 2019 interns recording a site at Las Posadas State ForestCRM Project Management Internship

This internship is typically offered every spring semester through the SSU Anthropology Department.

Students complete each project from initial client contact through sending reports to the managing agency, as well as conducting background record searches, environmental studies, and site record forms. They also learn about staffing and scheduling by using each other as crew members on every project, and assigning roles based on experience and interests.


Collections Management InternshipStudent Cleaning Artifact for Collections Internship

Every semester, ASC offers an Archaeological Collections Management internship for students. The internship develops students' practical and working knowledge of curation practices and standards in archaeology, and familiarizes them with the prehistoric and/or historic-era material culture of the local area.

Typical collections management projects include methods of updating and inventorying an existing collection:

  • Creating a status survey of DAF collections documents 
  • Physically comparing a collection to the catalog on record 
  • Making corrections and entering them into a spreadsheet
  • Bringing the collection up to current curation standards

In this way, the students gain a preliminary knowledge of artifacts as well as a better understanding of collections management. As a final step in the upgrade of each collection, the interns digitize all paper documentation associated with the collection.


Fire and CRM Internship students lined up for surveyFire & CRM Internship

In the Spring 2017 semester, five Cultural Resources Management graduate students and two Anthropology undergrads surveyed and assessed the condition of archaeological sites affected by the 2017 Tubbs and Nuns Fires in Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, Annadel State Park, and the Petrified Forest (private commercial property). The students updated the recording of Native American and historic-era archaeological sites, and documented any damage caused by the fires for archiving at the Northwest Information Center. Students’ final product for the internship consisted of a completed archaeological resource study report and updated site record for a chosen archaeological site in Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. Interns: Stephanie Bertagnole, Sydni Kitchel, Nicholas Lucatorto, Roberto Mora, Elizabeth Niec, Samantha Steindel-Cymer, Phillip Terry, Robert Watson (teaching assistant).