Projects & Publications

Stratigraphy of project area

SF-80 Bayshore Viaduct Seismic Retrofit Projects Report

May, 1999 to June, 2004 | San Francisco, California

To achieve compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) throughout the SF-80 Bayshore Project, ASC archaeologists monitored I-80 footing excavation at selected bents and directed the mechanical excavation of soil in sensitive areas.

J Street, Sacramento, 1854

Historical Archaeology of an Overseas Chinese Community in Sacramento, California

November, 1994 to February, 1997 | Sacramento, California

In late 1994 archaeologists from SSU carried out testing and data recovery on the HI56 Block in Sacramento, California.

Informal Workers Cottage, 1995

Putting the "There" There: Historical Archaeologies of West Oakland

January, 1994 to January, 1996 | Oakland, California

The Cypress Archaeology Project database is unprecedented in the West. Over 120 discrete artifact assemblages were recovered and associated with specific households.

Drawings of recovered clothing and jewelry artifacts

"We Were There Too": Archaeology of an African-American Family in Sacramento, California

May, 1991 to December, 1991 | Sacramento, California

Thomas Cook and his wife escaped slavery by taking the Underground Railroad to Canada prior to the Civil War, before eventually settling in Sacramento in the early 1870s until at least 1901.

Sketch of Jack London Cottage

Cultural Resources of Jack London State Historic Park

July, 1986 to January, 1987 | Glen Ellen, California

This document contains descriptions of the standing structures, landscape, and historic sites located within the Park. The history of each structure, feature, and site is presented along with references made to them in Jack London’s writings.

1869 lithograph

IJ56 Block, Sacramento, California: An Early Chinese Community

October, 1981 to June, 1982 | Sacramento, California

This report details the results of a program of archaeological excavation on the I Street half of the IJ56 block in Sacramento, California, and was conducted for the Sacramento Redevelopment Agency.

Field and Lab Workers

From Rancho to Reservoir

January, 1980 to January, 1996 | Contra Costa County, California

Native Americans, Basque cattle ranchers, and Portuguese farmers were among the groups that occupied this portion of southeastern Contra Costa County, California.

Golden Eagle Hotel, c. 1910-1915

Historical Archaeology at the Golden Eagle Site

July, 1979 to July, 1980 | Sacramento, California

This report details excavations conducted on the site of the former Golden Eagle Hotel in Sacramento during the summer of 1979.


Before Warm Springs Dam: A History of the Lake Sonoma Area, Sonoma County, California

January, 1974 to December, 1985 | Geyserville, California

The Warm Springs Cultural Resources Study was one of the first large projects conducted under federal historic preservation laws and regulations en